The Keller minimal windows guarantee: technically mature and functional as well as visually impressive with own design touch

One of Keller minimal windows' particular strengths is system maintenance. Even good products have to be optimised continually. The exchange of experience between the internal departments helps here, along with the global sales partner network and national and international architects. We concentrate in particular on system maintenance and quality management.
This guarantees reliable function and durability.

Guarantee certificate

Keller Minimal Windows by AluK guarantees the durability and function of the Keller Minimal Windows construction as well as the performance of the surface refinement. Our know-how, the product conformity and quality controls guarantee top performance. Our experts give you security

The guarantees apply to:

  • construction, stability and sealing
  • Surface refinement
  • Mobile and mechanical parts
  • Electrical components
  • Glass


Approval and certification of the products stand at the end of every development. Keller minimal windows' products are assessed according to European standards. They are held in high regard both nationally and internationally. In order to test the standardised properties promptly during the course of the development phase, we have installed our own window test stand that enables the testing of window and façade elements up to 6 m in width and 4.5 m in height. Air permeability is measured; extreme rain and wind speeds of over 300 km/h can be generated. Project-specific special conditions can also be simulated.

Brand awareness

Satisfied customers confirm a genuine trusting relationship with Keller minimal windows. They experience the design and realisation of their construction project as a real privilege. They search specifically for the branded product Keller Minimal Windows. At national and international trade fair appearances we aim to achieve a constantly outstanding representation of the Keller minimal windows trademark and the registered products. Its success and position as a trendsetter obligate Keller Minimal Windows by AluK to continuously re-invent itself and its products. Apart from elaboration and planning, plus quality and service, we attach the greatest importance to guarantees for our customers.

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