KELLER home conservatories fulfil the low-energy standard

 Design and comfort alone are not enough to make a sale.  Energy consumption is more than ever an important purchase criterion. The main disadvantage of simple conservatories is that they cost a lot to heat in winter while they are too hot in summer – a clear example of poor insulation and design.

Usable summer and winter

A well-planned conservatory has only benefits to offer. The conservatories from the KELLER GLASSHOUSE® and ORANGERIE Elegance® series are so outstandingly well-conceived and insulated that they fulfil and indeed fall below the low-energy standard for windows with insulation values (U-values) for the overall construction of U=0.62 to 0.93 Watt per square metre Kelvin (W/m²K).  Both construction types meet high-quality window standards with triple thermal insulation glazing and passive-house compatibility. KELLER special flat roof constructions also offer considerable benefits over large-scale glass roof variants: protection from direct sunlight in the summer and good insulation in the winter.



Multitude of design options

 The KELLER ORANGERIE Elegance®, an aluminium/glass structure with a combination of flat roof and glass dome, offers a multitude of design options, particularly in terms of colour and shape. High quality, technologically sophisticated solutions influence both the appearance as well as the comfort and functional features. KELLER is the first ever designer and name giver of the home conservatory concept.

Pure design

 The KELLER GLASSHOUSE®  is a symbiosis of the super-slimline sliding window system - KELLER minimal windows® - and the slender flat roof system of ORANGERIE Elegance® with all static elements located in the interior. This home conservatories large slender glass surfaces fit perfectly into modern architectural concepts.

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