made-to-measure and a perfect fit

Along with aesthetics, the perfection of our products is a central aim. We place immense value on sophisticated design but also on care and attention to detail. We use the highest quality materials, modern production processes, the long term experience and innovative ideas of our engineers and the craft skills of our employees. A Keller minimal windows product excels in every respect and is an absolutely premium product for those who are satisfied only with the very best.

Outstanding functionality

A premium window system from Keller minimal windows is not just a visual highlight. We place immense value on optimum ease of use, functionality and quality. Everything needs to be simple, convenient and long-lasting. One example is the sliding window in a  Keller minimal windows® sliding window system, which can often weigh several hundred kilograms. These open and close with ease by motor if preferred.

Pratical Design

With the development of its minimal windows® system, we have clearly demonstrated how to bring visual and functional design into perfect alignment. An innovation is the Keller minimal windows® highline. It is a floor-to-ceiling glass façade with minimalist post profiles and completely invisible frame profiles.



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