colours for aluminium windows

 Every Keller minimal windows® system is manufactured to the individual needs and requirements of our customers. Their individuality is manifested in unique form and future use but also in the right choice of materials, the surface quality and the colour. Our products thus merge perfectly with your expectations and budget framework.

Colours & surface finishes

As well as the shape, profiles and design details, one thing in particular influences the appearance of your personal home conservatory and window system: the colour.

We offer a wide range of RAL and anodised colours and coatings in stainless steel look. . Whether gloss, matt or textured surfaces in your desired colour, style and appearance are perfectly and harmoniously matched to the existing building and to your personal taste.



Energy saving and efficiency

Particular attention is paid to energy saving and energy efficiency. The roof design especially allows high thermal insulation at the passive house level. The special flat roof construction achieves a U-insulation coefficient of 0.40, which is the equivalent of a brick wall. Lighting, audio, climate control and sun protection can all be flawlessly integrated on request. Furthermore, the roof construction can be designed to be weight-bearing and used as a patio.

Aluminium, a top quality material

For our minimal window systems we work exclusively with aluminium. Aluminium offers precisely the properties needed to create products of enduring quality and strikingly slim lines:

  • Extremely slender and narrow profiles
  • High stability and rigidity
  • Flawless fit and finish
  • Excellent insulation values for great living comfort
  • Long-lasting
  • Weather-resistance
  • Minimal care and upkeep



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