Tips for the purchase of a home conservatory

 Professional planning and advice

Find out what really matters when purchasing a conservatory.
We compiled 5 tips for you that will facilitate this decision.


Choose quality


Quality should be the top priority when choosing your conservatory. Only comfortable quality brings the desired satisfaction in the long run.


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Pay attention to detailed planning


Plan the size and the desired configuration carefully. Pay attention to design, comfort and energy efficiency. Also, consider what purpose the conservatory should serve in order to guarantee ideal planning.


The path to your project


Take a look at reference objects


Objects installed in the showroom or at acquaintances can help you make your final choice. On the basis of concrete examples you can see the large number of standards governing building technology, statics and energy efficiency that have to be taken into consideration.




Choose an accredited specialist company


The overall package is decisive: comprehensive advice, a suitable choice of materials, accessories, measurement, installation and service.


Find a partner in your area


Compare offers


The price should not be the decisive criterion. Importance should primarily be attached to the choice of high-quality materials plus professional planning and manufacturing.

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