Spatial art – modern and strong in character

The villa is pretty much the opposite of what the client was used to.
"We longed for more cosiness, large rooms and clear light," said the client expectantly.
The property actually looks warm, open and welcoming inside, despite the clear, simple and very tidy outside structure.

Material integrity



The villa blends in well with the surrounding environment and flows literally into nature. Concrete is visible as concrete, glass as glass - almost frameless. This tactile interaction between concrete and the more than 80 m long minimal windows® glass façade with integrated sliding and curved elements encloses the living space like a protective coat.

Translucent facade

Edges, curves and lines are precisely defined. East, south and west facade are completely glazed. On the outside it is a strict and tangible building, inside it has a rather playful choreography that adapts to the sensations of its inhabitants. Also moods and stylistic preferences were included. Colors, fashions and sensations are created with mobile devices that can be changed at any time with little effort.

When you enter the property, flowing spaces open, which merge into each other and where the translucent façade conjures exciting lighting scenes. The heart of the building interior is the open living and dining area. This area opens fantastic views and is characterized by the warm atmospheric light.



Cabinet Georges Heintz

Stephan Offermann

minimal windows®4+
triple glazing


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