KELLER ORANGERIE Elegance into idyllic city garden

Düsseldorf, Germany

The owners of this home wanted additional space and more incidence of light.
The KELLER ORANGERIE fitted in perfectly with the dream of a comfortable living room extension
and the garden landscape designed by the owner herself with loving attention to detail.

Were totally convinced

“Actually, we had planned a wooden conservatory“ she remembers. But finally we were totally convinced by the good arguments for an aluminium home conservatory. The slender appearance of the Elegance window profiles, the excellent heat insulation and the almost maintenance-free aluminium profiles promise a great deal of comfort and enjoyment all through the year with minimum care required.

This resulted in an extension of the living room, generously enlarging the ground floor residential area and creating space for a dining room and a stylish “summer kitchen”. The existing kitchen is ideally complemented and extended. “We often sit here with our guests and enjoy the pleasure of cooking here whilst still being able to participate in the conversation. On sunny days, the doors to the garden are usually open. Then, if it becomes too cold, we can simply close the double leafs to enable us to still sit together as long as we want to“.

The owner has left nothing to chance, neither for the garden nor for the interior. The large gas-fired barbecue has been permanently installed and the furniture and a large cupboard have been painted in English-Green. The furniture, made of high-quality woods and materials, creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

The advantages of the special flat roof construction of the KELLER ORANGERIE Elegance® become fully evident: the lighting, ventilation and air-conditioning are subtly integrated into the flat roof, the generous glass dome lets plenty of light in, allowing the living room and kitchen inside the house to also benefit from the additional brightness. The windows on the upper floor remain freely accessible and the view is maintained.

A totally successful combination, in which the advantages of the KELLER ORANGERIE Elegance® have been excellently put into practice, and which create a perfect impression in interaction with the furniture and the garden.



Stephan Offermann




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