Biel, Switzerland

High above the roofs of the city, this so-called rooftop restaurant was created as a highlight where the Hotel Elite's guests can breakfast in the morning and the guests of the hotel's own restaurant "L'Entrecôte" can dine in the evening. The completely glazed façade on the patio side provides for spectacular views. In the opened state, the minimal windows® sliding windows from KELLER AG also give the guests inside a feeling of being outside.

Creating the outstanding

Guests recognise as soon as they enter the stylish art deco hotel in the heart of Biel: there is a special atmosphere here. The generously-sized lobby promises a kind of luxury that is typical of art deco. And the guest continually encounters the typical architectural elements of that era.

However, the owners haven't restricted themselves to the already existent, but have adapted themselves to the continuously growing demands of the clientele. The owner wanted to create something outstanding – a highlight in the truest sense of the words.

A highlight above the rooftops of Biel

It was to be a restaurant that would impress with its location, the view and of course its culinary offerings. A place where one feels at ease, a patio that invites one to dine and linger on balmy summer evenings and a place that delights with its elegant interior furnishings and its special atmosphere.

Where floor space is expensive or not available at all, however, the only solution is to add a further storey to the building. Out of necessity, a virtue was made. What the Swiss architects' office 0815 designed as the new 6th floor is anything but average and continuously delights the guests.

Symmetrically changing, offset glass façade

The unmistakable characteristic of this construction high above the rooftops of the city, with a view of the "Rotonde" – Biel's Bauhaus-style people's palace – is the completely glazed façade with the virtually frameless minimal windows® sliding windows from the Luxembourgian manufacturer KELLER AG.

Six large sliding and fixed fields arranged symmetrically and with an alternating offset provide for a stunning view and link the interior scenery with the exterior. The minimalistic vertical frame profiles disappear cleverly behind the support columns of the roof. The lateral frame profiles are built flush into the wall, floor and ceiling in any case. This almost gives one a feeling of sitting outside even in winter – but with considerably more pleasant conditions. The minimal windows® 4+ system with triple glazing not only provides for outstanding thermal insulation, but also for excellent sound insulation values.

Logistical challenge

From a logistical and technical point of view, the entire project was a tour de force for all the partners involved. On account of the central location and the heavy glazing elements, which weigh 350 kg each, the complete installation took place by crane via the rear side of the hotel. The architects' office 0815 was already familiar with the quality and reliability of KELLER's Swiss partner, Karl Blaser AG, and the minimal windows® product from previous joint projects.

The result of all the efforts: Satisfied faces all round and delighted guests.



0815 Architekten

Stephan Offermann

KELLER Partner
Blaser Karl AG


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