Hotel Bütgenbacher Hof


Bütgenbach, East Belgium

The 4-star Silence Hotel “Bütgenbacher Hof” in East Belgium offers the perfect atmosphere for tranquillity and relaxation and is an excellent address for culinary adventure trips. The various gastronomy areas have been fully refurbished and now shine in a modern, country house style. The new KELLER GLASSHOUSE® creates a comfortable atmosphere and forms the new centrepiece and characterising feature of the building.

KELLER GLASSHOUSE® as a room extension

Extensive modifications – in particular including the extension of the restaurant area by way of a conservatory of type KELLER GLASSHOUSE® – lay the foundation for a new era. The building now offers more comfort, more extras and an even greater sense of wellbeing for the benefit of the guests. The conservatory extension is the result of the extended notion of the building owner’s concept and KELLER AG.

New Centrepiece

The new KELLER GLASSHOUSE® creates a comfortable atmosphere and forms the new centrepiece and characterising feature of the building. The conservatory creates a smooth transition between the main part and the newly built dining area. There is plenty of additional space here that invites you to savour and enjoy the various specialties. Modern design furniture gives the room an exquisite sense of cosiness. Large sliding doors enable the front of the conservatory to be opened wide in sunny weather to enjoy nature “from a box seat” in relaxed and protected surroundings.

Well “roofed” in any weather

The roof was designed as a flat construction with large skylights. This allows even more light into the room, creating a light-flooded, friendly atmosphere. The colour of the conservatory was adapted to that of the main building. And although the conservatory stands out from the main building, it still forms a unit with the existing substance of the building.

Flexible guest room usable all year round

Whether summer or winter, the GLASSHOUSE® always offers an advantage for the guests at the Bütgenbacher Hof. In summer it protects from sun radiation and additionally conveys the feeling of sitting on the patio when the sliding doors are wide open. In winter, the construction allows plenty of light to enter and creates a cosy atmosphere. Furthermore, thanks to its excellent insulation, the GLASSHOUSE® actively provides protection against the cold.

Family atmosphere

The patio landscape with its fireplace and small waterfall rounds off the generous image. There are plenty of different seating possibilities such as lounge niches or family dinner tables to be discovered. The family-run hotel leaves an excellent impression with the interaction of exquisite cuisine, wellness oasis and stylish furnishings and invites you to stay for a while. The ensemble with the restaurant, KELLER GLASSHOUSE® and patio creates the most various room situations, enabling the formerly large patio to become part of the spatial perception no matter what the weather will be.
A GLASSHOUSE® from KELLER is also ideally suitable for private living areas and can be adapted in a modular fashion to meet the building owner’s wishes.




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