Brussels Loft

City of Brussels, Belgium

Located in the midst of the Belgian capital is a remarkable jewel on the renovated top floor of a historic building.
A completely new steel construction now offers space for a modern and unique loft where a flat roof used to be.

Natural daylight

The apartment is equipped all round with large, individually fitted windows that provide the residents with a spectacular view over the rooftops of Brussels as well as the famous palace of justice in the distance. The minimal windows® design sliding windows developed by KELLER AG also enable the maximum penetration of natural daylight.

Breathtaking view

The open design concept dazzles with its stylishly furnished living areas. The very spacious living area with bar and billiard table guarantees convivial get-togethers. Daily stress is best escaped by relaxing in the spacious indoor swimming pool including whirlpool. The bedroom impresses with a breathtaking view, although privacy is not forgotten either, thanks to long curtains and sun protection. Light colours and elegant interior furnishings characterise the atmosphere and harmony of the luxurious loft in the heart of the city.

Luxurious and stylish

The fabulous balcony, which extends along the full length of the penthouse, invites one to linger and gives one a feeling of freedom in the European metropolis. In their interaction with the barrier-free minimal windows® sliding doors from KELLER AG, the visually very similar floor tiles in the interior and exterior create a borderless transition and enlarge the actual living space.

The perfectly designed loft merges its properties and elements to form a harmonious unit in which one can feel right at home.


Jaspers-Eyers Architects

Marc Sourbron

KELLER Partner 
Glas Ceyssens


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