Brighton, Australia (AUS) 

wins the AWA Design Award for
“The best Use of Windows and Doors in a Residential Construction over $1Million”


What does the award represent for KELLER?

Our partner company European Window Co. has spent a lot of time and effort developing KELLER minimal windows® in their market system including testing and annual visits to Luxembourg for training. It just goes to show that the products they use are truly an industry standout. European Window Co. are a dedicated team and so it is very exciting and humbling that they received this award.

What was the design brief?

The location of this project is something special. As it is located at the absolute beach front, it was important to keep the design minimal and simple so that the outside beauty would be completely appreciated.
Being a seaside property, it was also important to achieve high energy ratings so that the home stays cool in summer and warmer in winter without the use of mechanical and electrical heating/cooling devices.

What challenges did the project have?

The underlying sand dune profile, coastal winds and frequent salt water spray present challenges which informed the design approach. As the project was quite a significant size, with this also came the challenge of large window openings. The positioning of the site made it difficult to install our product especially as the frames and panes of glass were so large. With the combination of patience and an experience team, the install was a success and we are extremely pleased with the outcome.

What product specifications made the difference between a good project and a great one?

The aesthetic, design and functionality of the beautiful thermally broken KELLER minimal windows® system allow for great energy efficiency and huge amounts of natural light to beam into the home. This refines the boundaries between the internal and external living spaces. Through the use of the KELLER minimal windows® system, the amazing vistas of Port Phillip Bay and the Brighton marina make it the primary backyard.


David Vernon Architect

360 Construction Group

Derek Swalwell

KELLER Partner
European Window Co.

Die Australian Window Association (AWA)

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