The Bird House

This extraordinary villa located in Mallorca is one of Alberto Rubio’s masterpieces

White roofs and undulating curves that are in harmony with nature –
the sea, the sky, the coastline – are one of his favorite themes,
elements that are recognized as his ‘icons’ on the island.

In harmony with the stunning landscape of Mallorca

The house impresses everybody with its sweeping curves, spacious open-plan interiors and beamed vaulted ceilings. There are five bedrooms, a fitness and sauna area. The outdoor space offers curved terraces, large infinity pool and outdoor dining and kitchen area. Difficult to say what to admire first: its elegance, its beauty or its dreamy atmosphere that make you experience various sensations? The owner of this unique house is not only the proud holder of a fantastic Mallorca property, but also possesses a piece of architectural artwork.

Alberto Rubio is inspired to make beautiful homes in harmony with the stunning landscape of Mallorca.

He enjoys working with elongated lines and undulating curves that the bird house boasts. Pristine white elegance throughout this home in the wall colour, flooring and furniture allow its occupants to focus on the view of the sea and the beauty outdoors through the abundant glass paneled walls designed with KELLER minimal windows®. Rich woven rugs are juxtaposed against cool concrete floors.



Simplicity and yet complexity

With the property exposed to the elements, the materials used needed to be high quality in order to withstand the ravages of the sea. The exposed beam roof, and supporting bars recall ideas we associate with tree houses, and waking up in this home must feel as close to nature as you can get!

The unusual house gets its name from its multiple curved roofs, resembling a bird with its wings outstretched, appearing in mid flight over the sea. The home's graceful lines and gentle curves indeed remind us of its avian namesake.





Alberto Rubio






The white facade is a crisp contrast to the deep blue sky of this idyllic ocean escape. Perched precariously on a rocky cliff side, the house makes the most of these breathtaking vistas with its indoor / outdoor layout.

And to ensure the homeowners enjoy a well-appointed view, this ocean front house is equipped with a huge patio complete with a swimming pool, and luxuriously appointed sitting and lounging areas arranged on a cascading levels leading down to the pool. The alfresco lounging area spills inside through glass walls, or openings that let light and air flow as freely as the sea.

The stairs are designed around the rocky terrain, incorporating raw nature into this otherwise clean, contemporary design. As you scale the stairs, you find yourself sheltered by the home's vast white wings. The wood underside softens this contemporary element.

A vision in white

Looking in, the house is a vision in white and glass elements from the filigree designed KELLER minimal windows®. The white walls, main structural elements and polished floors sparkle against the deep blue backdrop of sea and sky. Furnishings carry that cool, casual aesthetic without sacrificing style, with white, wicker and simplicity defining the direction for interior design.

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