Every front door is a unique handmade item of the very highest quality

 Few items impact the style of a house more than an aluminium or wood-aluminium front door.
Whether simple and pared down or decorative and playful, with or without glass, a small knob or large handle,
a high-quality aluminium front door is a sign of your individuality.

Security & comfort

Our exclusive front doors are produced in-house. They correspond to the highest demands in terms of insulation, security and soundproofing. We offer a range of accessories for all our front doors including modern locking and opening technologies such as coded keypads, fingerprint recognition, keyless opening etc.

Front door white aluminium handle vertical

RAL colours

Our aluminium and wood-aluminium front doors can of course be matched in RAL colours and design to all KELLER minimal windows® systems so that they fit perfectly into the overall property concept.

Front door glass aluminium design modern

thermally insulated profile

We also offer our customers unique front doors, front door panels and design front doors made of high-quality, thermally insulated profile constructions which meet all requirements in terms of thermal insulation and security.

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