Venetian blinds – perfect sun protection, modern design

Large-scale window openings are a key element of contemporary architecture.
To regulate the light we offer exclusive sun protection solutions with venetian blinds, with convincing optical and functional advantages.
Our venetian blinds provide optimum light conditions in your living spaces and enhance your ambience. Also ideal as conservatory shading.

Venetian blinds with beaded slats

Venetian blinds with beaded slats combine ease of use with robustness. The almost 180° adjustable slat angle means that the blinds can be used for almost any application.



Venetian blind window protection sun protection shading

Self-supporting venetian blinds

The heavy rails are readily used as a visual element for façade design. The self-supporting frame fastening on or between the guide rails means that very few attachments are needed on the façade or the window. This version is also ideal for use on EIFS façades.



Venetian blinds with flat slats

Venetian blinds with flat slats have a striking slimline design and smaller packet heights. The 3.3mm thick cable guide is almost invisible when blinds are retracted



Wind-stable venetian blinds

These blinds can offer active sun protection in starting wind speeds of 10. This design is needed particularly for high buildings and in sites exposed to the wind. It is almost always possible to refit or convert to venetian blinds.



Venetian blind wind-stable robust slats sun protection

External venetian blinds

External venetian blinds with 50mm slats and tension cable guide are used in buildings with smaller window dimensions (e.g. renovations). The small packet heights and the many different drive types are favourable features here.



Dim-out venetian blinds

 The special slat profiles in dim-out venetian blinds are designed especially for darkening rooms. The slat geometry helps achieve a very good slat closure and the UV-resistant plastic strip at the front edge of the slat shuts out even the smallest amount of light. All other normal functions of our external venetian blinds are retained in this variant.



Venetian blind blackout dimming sun protection façade

Metal system venetian blinds

The lack of perforations in the slats in the metal system venetian blinds means that light cannot penetrate and the blind is ideal for darkening rooms. The blind is raised by small metal chains inside the guide rails. The slats are joined by steel wires made of corrosion-resistant steel. The metal system venetian blind offers increased burglar-resistance thanks to an integrated anti push-up device.

Venetian blind inclined roof slope slats sun protection

Asymmetric venetian blinds

Asymmetric venetian blinds can be used for nearly all sloping windows, which can now be found in nearly all modern architecture. WAREMA asymmetric venetian blinds match perfectly with our other venetian blind types to give a uniform appearance.



Front-mounted venetian blinds

Front-mounted venetian blinds combine utility, the latest technology and contemporary design with the appearance of front-mounted roller shutters. As light regulators they particularly offer reliable sun protection in the living area – without allowing too much visibility from the outside.



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