Modern shade solutions with innovative technology – made to measure

 Their unique design makes our bespoke sun sails architectural style elements which visually enhance and individualise any building.
Flexible, versatile and attractive – these are the characteristics which make WAREMA sun sails optimum solar shading solutions.

Sun sail solar shading sun protection


Our movable versions offer maximum flexibility for your sun protection. You can manually rotate the shade to throw refreshing shade onto your favourite spot so you can enjoy the summer in all its glory. Our comprehensive range of colours and fabrics will meet all your creative demands - even asymmetric fabric forms are possible. On the look-out for a shade solution for angular areas? A fixed sun sail which can be moved on one side is the ideal choice. It retracts automatically in strong wind, can be controlled remotely and combines stylish design with comfort and performance.

Type S1 – Rigid sun sail

Sun protection for your garden party? Shade solution for a sand pit? This attractive sun protection is a flexible and versatile solution. The WAREMA rigid sun sail is installed as a freestanding element and is fixed with ground pegs. It can be used practically anywhere on level sites. Quick and easy to put up, it lets you enjoy the outdoors wherever you want.

Sun sail sun protection free-standing

Type S2 – Movable sun sail

The intelligent sun protection for your favourite place outdoors – flexible and individually locatable. Enjoy the best parts of summer with the WAREMA S2 movable sun sail. Its clever technology makes it highly flexible, throwing cool shade wherever it is positioned. A large variety of colours and fabrics means that design possibilities are almost limitless. The perfect solution for making any space around your home onto an oasis of cool and relaxation!



Sun sail sun protection shading mobile

Type S3 – Movable sun sail, optionally asymmetric

Top-level design and technology plus maximum flexibility: So you can enjoy wonderful summer days without limitation. With the portable S3 sun sail you can turn anywhere into a shady spot at the flick of the wrist. Colour, shape and fixing method in this flexible system can be matched individually to your requirements. Even asymmetric fabric shapes are possible. With its elegant looks, the movable S3 sun sail turns any garden or patio into a place where you can truly relax – with the greatest of ease.

Type S4 – fixed-installation sun sail which is movable on one side

Why compromise? Here’s the perfect solution for demanding shade situations. S4 sun sails are the solution for shading even tricky corners. Even asymmetric fabric shapes are possible. The fixed-installation sun sail which is movable on one side offers the same comfort as a two-sided solution. The sail is easily controlled by remote control and automatically retracts in strong winds. An attractive, high-performance system with a light modern look, intelligent functionality and many design options. Lets you stay cool even in the hottest summer.

Sun sail automatic remote controlled mobile

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