Perfect sunlight management for optimum living comfort

Whether ORANGERIE®, GLASSHOUSE® or exclusive conservatory, all KELLER home conservatories feature carefully-planned sunlight management systems
based on your building-specific glass content. This is usually achieved with external sunlight protection
in the form of venetian blinds or conservatory awnings on the south and south west-facing building components.

Sun protection home conservatory slats exterior slats Venetian blinds


 WAREMA solar shade systems unite two important benefits, namely the energy-efficiency resulting from considerably less need for air-conditioning and the personal feeling of well-being thanks to pleasant room temperatures.

completely invisible

The KELLER special flat roof construction offers the greatest advantage because venetian blinds, used for conservatory sun protection, are completely invisible when not in use and only appear when extended.

Sun protection invisible flat roof concealed

intelligent sunlight management

The high-quality WAREMA winter garden awnings harmonise perfectly with the demands for design, technology and function which we set for our home conservatories.

Modern control- and operating concepts also increase the living comfort and perform intelligent sunlight management.




Sun protection integrated slats conservatory
Solar shading roller blinds Venetian blinds internal conservatory

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