WAREMA patio roof: a perfect combination of sun and weather protection

For over 30 years we have been your expert contact when it comes to realising your exclusive home dream.
For instance, with a patio roof you can create a personal retreat for relaxation and well-being.
With an aluminium WAREMA patio roof, your outdoor area becomes a roofed summer paradise.

Terrace roof aluminium weather protection canopy

Optimum protection

In future, you will be able to adjust the light and shade in your outdoor living room yourself since WAREMA patio roofs have an intelligent connector for glazing which you can extend as you wish. They offers optimum protection in wind and weather. Thanks to an integrated indoor or outdoor awning, the aluminium patio roof can provide pleasant shade at the press of a button.

We manufacture to your specifications

 The successful combination of protection from bad weather and from sunshine unites latest technology, an attractive appearance and perfect protection. With this roof solution you and your family are not only protected against heat and sunlight but also against rain. You therefore remain independent of the weather and can enjoy the outdoors more often and more intensely. We manufacture to your specifications.

Terrace roof aluminium weather protection canopy

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