Awnings in stunning designs and colours

Patio awning sun protection solar shading awning blind

Conservatory awnings

Protection for large glass surfaces with counterbalance system

Conservatory awnings provide pleasant shading for large windows. Whether vertical or horizontal, curved or rectangular, WAREMA conservatory awnings all operate with a counterbalance mechanism. When extended, the awning fabric is unrolled from the shaft and at the same time the drop-arm is drawn outwards by a pulling element in the guide rails. A pre-tensioned spring mechanism ensures optimum fabric tension.

Sun protection awning design modern curved

Pergola awnings

Pergola awnings bring impressive colour and shape to your patio!

Pergola awnings unite convenience with the highest level of safety through comfortable operability and excellent resistance to weather. With its exclusive look and its striking extras, this shade-giver is eye-catching on any patio. The P40 Pergola awning was awarded a "red dot design award" for its striking design.

Shade awning design modern curved

Articulated-arm awnings

High-quality technology is always present in fabric protection.

Universally useful, its stability and technical possibilities make the articulated-arm awning a design classic. Contemporary lines and the choice of designs offer top class performances at a great price.

Articulated arm awning sun protection patio

Articulated-arm awnings, semi closed

Offer optimum protection from rain and dirt

The drop profile together with the rain-protection roof protects the awning fabric. Contemporary lines teamed with sophisticated WAREMA technology and the range of design options such as the roller valance or integrated wind sensor makes the awning the purchase of choice for the buyers of today.

Valance roller blind awning wind sensor shade

Cassette awnings

Highly-developed technology in an attractive design
with optimum protection for the canvass and articulated arms.

Compact sun protection for shading balconies and patios. Weather-resistant assembly since the awning and the articulated arms are optimally protected from rain and dirt in the small-dimension cassette.

Sun protection awning cassette awning shade patio

Horizontal awnings

Internal sun protection beneath glass domes

Horizontal awnings are fitted as indoor sun protection for shading large areas, atria etc.

Horizontal awning solar shading sun protection

Vertical awnings

Shading for vertical surfaces with particularly small cassette measurements

Ultra-stable technology, perfect function and “Made by WAREMA” quality make these awnings a classic choice for shading vertical glass surfaces. The fully-enclosed cassettes ensure that the awning canvass, when retracted, is well-protected from dirt and rain.

Vertical awning solar shading sun protection façade

Façade awnings

Shading for large vertical surfaces

Façade awnings suit almost any façade and provide ideal sun protection for vertical and pitched façade surfaces. A range of technical features make them a professional alternative which is flexible enough to meet numerous requirements.

Vertical awning solar shading sun protection façade

Drop-arm awnings

Shading for vertical surfaces with drop-effect

Proven drop-arm awning technology up to a width of 4 metres and an arm length of 160 cm – the drop-arm awning offers all this at an extremely good price. The awning frame is RAL 9016. The option of assembly with upright supports (type 314) makes this awning simple to fit between the balcony roof and floor.

Drop-arm awning solar shading sun protection façade


Drop-effect shading for large vertical surfaces

The marquisolette is the chameleon of textile sun protection systems. Its drop-effect particularly distinguishes it from façade awnings. In the Marquisolette a height-adjustable part of the fabric remains essentially vertical, parallel to the window. The other section automatically drops down.

Marquisolettes drop-arm awning solar shading sun protection façade

Side awnings

Ideal protection from sun, wind or curious glances

The side blind offers practical side protection for balconies and patios. It protects simultaneously against low sun, light wind and curious glances. The fabric is protected from dust and dirt when retracted into the cassette. With an angled fabric guide it can optimally fit e.g. the slope of a patio roof.

Side awning privacy protection wind protection sun protection

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