High quality accessories for added comfort

The first thing you will notice about a KELLER conservatory is perfection, to the tiniest detail. Flawless workmanship and innovative technologies make it a place you will want to use all year round. Accordingly, KELLER offers a wide range of interior fittings with modern and sourced heating, air-conditioning and shade systems as required.
The use of accessories and different fittings ensures that your sense of well-being as well as your comfort meet your individual preferences and expectations perfectly. We rely on our own brand quality and proven external partners who, like us, place a high value on reliability and quality.

Conservatory Imperial single-pitch roof gable roof

Heating and air-conditioning systems

 Individually adjusted air conditioning allows you to adjust the temperature precisely to fit your well-being. If necessary, your system can heat in the winter and cool in the summer. You can therefore enjoy every minute in your KELLER conservatory, and at any time of the year. If desired, air conditioning can be integrated discretely into the flat roof construction. It is controlled via an infrared remote control, touchpad or fully-automatically.

Conservatory Toscana Italy Mediterranean

Sun protection

 To prevent your conservatory from overheating in hot sunshine you need appropriate sun protection. Venetian blinds integrated into the flat roof are ideal in this case since they are invisible when retracted. If preferred you can operate them either by remote or intelligent control depending on the room temperature, wind load and/or individual programming. Conservatory awnings, articulated arm awnings and indoor sun protection systems for side windows or glass domes round off the solar management area.


Conservatory Glasshouse minimalist sliding door
Conservatory Orangerie dome classic


KELLER AG offers high-quality double glazing, highly insulating triple glazing and a range of optional special glass types. Safety glass windows are used when the maximum requirements are needed to stop burglaries and bullets. Heated glass is a pleasant and unobtrusive heat source on cold days.

Conservatory pool flush with the floor energy efficiency

Insect screens

Irritating insects, mosquitoes and other flying pests can spoil the atmosphere and are easy to keep at bay with appropriate protective measures. The almost invisible fabric of the fly screen blends perfectly into your conservatory without detracting from the overall appearance.


Conservatory pool incidence of light energy efficiency


 Harmonious lighting affects our mood in the long term and has a considerable impact on our well-being. Once again, the flat roof construction of the KELLER conservatory to play its trump card since all lighting and wiring can be integrated into the roof. In all other KELLER constructions the lighting can be perfectly integrated into the aluminium roof posts.

Summer house feel-good oasis flush with the floor sliding rails

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