The original - classic elegance conservatory

 The KELLER ORANGERIE Elegance® is a real masterpiece of home conservatory extension and pays homage to the classic, English Victorian originals of days gone by. High-quality slimline aluminium insulating profiles with optimum triple glazing in insulating glass and completely integrated accessories such as sun protection, heating and air conditioning system, lighting and soundproofing make the KELLER ORANGERIE Elegance® an exclusive living space extension in summer and in winter.

Amazingly adaptable

The combination of the flat roof and glass dome allows practically unlimited design possibilities. Every KELLER ORANGERIE Elegance® is a unique jewel of conservatory construction.


The floorplan of every orangery is designed to your preferences and specifications – depending on the respective building characteristics. The flat roof can be individually designed to practically any shape. The combination with different shapes and sizes of glass dome makes the KELLER ORANGERIE amazingly adaptable.


 The different eaves profiles, which lend the particular style of the KELLER ORANGERIE Elegance® as a living space extension, also play their part. Deliberately traditional or a modern re-interpretation, in a private or commercial setting, this home conservatory always makes the right impression.

High-quality technical solutions impact both the visual appearance and the operating- and living comfort.


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For the KELLER ORANGERIE Elegance® home conservatory we use the elegant and very slender profiles from our aluminium window and door systems. The discrete integration of the window leaves into a profile which is invisible from the outside is a key feature. Larger openings can also be manufactured, for example for the use of folding systems, sliding doors and parallel opening tilt and sliding doors.


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Individual character

The speciality of the ORANGERIE Elegance® lies in the countless possibilities it offers the owner for planning their personal object. The home conservatory is a popular living room that should satisfy the resident's every wish. New technologies allow the use of extremely efficient profiles without compromises having to be made where the saving of energy and security are concerned.


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Custom-built flat roof

The KELLER custom-built flat roof is made of solid timber laminated beams. The sealing is with natural Latex which guarantees 40 years resistance to infiltration. This sealing layer is made-to-measure in the factory (exclusive EPDM patent) and delivered in one piece, which guarantees full protection of the roof and the living space beneath. The flat roof of the conservatory achieves a U-insulation coefficient of 0.40 W/m²K and corresponds to an insulated wall. The glass domes are made of aluminium with high-quality insulating glazing.

The roof dome variants

Patio roof

Lantern roof

Dome roof





System data


Roof form Special flat roof construction with or without glass dome

Glass dome Lantern eaves profile: Prestige (classic), Straightline (modern)

Dimensions Unlimited floor area

Side elements
Thermo profile systems made of aluminium
or folding systems, sliding doors, tilt/slide sliding doors.

 Uw of overall construction  0.82 to 0.93 W/m²K



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