Living in comfort in your glass extension

 The Keller GLASSHOUSE® is a perfect match for contemporary architecture. Transparent expanses and the slimline profiles of the minimal windows® sliding system combine with the typical flat roof to create the unique character of the glass house.
Exclusive materials, perfect surface finishes and the elegant slimline architecture of the Keller GLASSHOUSE® radiate high quality and refinement. Indoors and outdoors flow almost seamlessly together to create a very special spatial feel.

Inside - outside

This linking of living spaces has always been the objective of a home conservatory and has reached perfection in the GLASSHOUSE.

The minimalist minimal windows® sliding and fixed windows reduce the frame profiles to the absolute minimum and offer a maximum quantity of what you really want from a glass house – glass and transparency.


The elegant, clean-cut flat roof is a perfect fit for the minimalist architecture of contemporary living concepts. On request, the flat roof can be combined with a glass dome or an inset glass flat roof to let in even more light.

The KELLER GLASSHOUSE® thus achieves outstanding energy values at the passive house level. Along with low energy use, this also provides a pleasant living atmosphere at all times of the year.

In addition to the traditional extension of living space, the conservatory may house an indoor pool, provide an exclusive garden setting or create a space for high-end cuisine.

System data


Roof form
special flat roof construction with glass dome or flat roof insert.

unlimited floor area, building height: up to 4.50 m

Side elements
minimal windows® (double-glazed) or minimal windows®4+ (triple glazed ≥  0.70 W/m²K)

 Uw of overall construction
0.62 to 0.82 W/m²K

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