High-tech for contemporary architecture in a new holistic concept
At the beginning of 2009, Keller AG approached the public with a brand new concept at the world’s largest construction trade fair. “minimal windows” and “Glasshouse” were awarded the “Innovationspreis für Architektur und Bauwesen” (“Innovation Award for Architecture and Building”).
“minimal windows”, are large, almost frameless fixed glass and sliding windows. High, large-scale windows and sliding doors are created with a height of up to four metres, which often make irritating posts and profiles superfluous. Modern, open living concepts with generous window areas are created. Which is aesthetic and beautiful to look at, but which makes high demands on all materials. After long-standing development work we have been successful in offering the customer a high-quality solution in the form of this new concept.

The “minimal windows” concept has also been introduced to the building of home conservatories. This new generation of side elements substantially contributes to the style of a house by shape, size and material selection and is fully in line with the trend of contemporary architecture. This in-house development bears the melodious and meaningful name “Glasshouse”.

Transparent surfaces are integral parts of each building object in modern architecture.

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