The Elegance® frames impress by their slender appearance. The system harmoniously consists of the well-known Schüco window profiles and of the slim, attractive aluminium profile systems individually formed by KELLER. The thermal insulation capacity is just as effective as that of the KELLER Classic frames, thanks to the use of high-quality triple-chamber insulating bars.
The Elegance® window system offers numerous individual design options due to a large quantity of diverse decorative covers, decorative adhesive sash bars, glazing beads, spandrel panels with decorative profiles, door handles and window handles from selected collections as well as concealed fittings and hinges.
Slim static profiles with 50mm facing width and up to 140 mm installation depth enable large overall heights with a slender appearance. Large glass panel widths can be realised. This results in a completely new room and living feeling, because the window and door elements now harmonise with the interior fittings.

Brief overview of the Elegance® window system

The Elegance® system by KELLER offers innovative and energy-optimised window technology with far unknown selection options as regards the design of the entire building shell for aesthetic, top-quality architecture. All elements can be completely integrated into the design with maximum transparency.

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