KELLER relies on thermally isolated, premium-quality aluminium profile systems of the SCHÜCO brand for its Classic window system. The side walls are some of the components subjected to the most strain in a home conservatory. Wind and rain, strong temperature fluctuations, environmental influences and mechanical stresses constantly take their toll.

The basic system of the Classic frames is provided by the AWS 70 HI series with an installation depth of theframe profiles of 70 mm and of the leaf profiles of 80 mm. The systems ASS 50 & 70HI are also used. A vast range of opening types can be realised: Side-hung, bottom-hung, turn/tilt, top-hung elements, tilt/slide, large-area folding and sliding systems. Can also be used for all types of home conservatories.

The thermal insulation comprises a new composite system for aluminium half profiles using triple-chamber insulating bars with additional insulation and special seals in the rebate regions. This leads to very low heat loss which reduces heating energy consumption and so also lowers emissions.

Brief overview of the Classic window system

Deciding on KELLER means deciding on absolutely top quality. All vertical window and door elements, whether as single elements or in conjunction with our home conservatories with various opening options, convince down to the last detail by excellent material quality and perfect workmanship.

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