Orangerie - Combination of flat roof and glass top offer an unlimited individual design
"Orangerie Elégance" - this are elegant, ornamental and thermally insulated sections of the side elements. The window leaves are integrated into the profile and are not visible from outside. Other high-quality technologically sophisticated solutions characterise both the optical appearance as well as operating convenience and living comfort.
"Orangerie Classic" - that are the AWS 70 HI Alu-Thermo Profile systems. Compared with the Elegance range, larger openings can be made in the side elements, i.e. folding installations, sliding doors and PASK sliding doors can only be fitted to System Classic conservatories.

Three roof and one “De Luxe”- version determine the appearance of these First Class conservatories.
The use of flat roofs for conservatories offers many advantages.
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A very charming ambience is offered through the combination of flat roof with glass top.
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The Orangerie glass rooftop offers much more comfort and living pleasure than conventional conservatory glass roofs.
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A real special look for your Orangerie.
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This small glass construction, whether with a pointed glass roof or a rounded glass dome, is more and more in use in garden areas and gastronomy.
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