BAU 2011 in Munich (17.-22.01.2011)
Bau 2011 in Munich – full halls, good atmosphere, a mood of optimism
KELLER minimal windows® convince the experts

The main interest of specialists and architects on the KELLER booth has pointed on the innovative sliding window system minimal windows®. Two years ago, the world innovation caused already a lot of excitement. This year again, the look of the experts has centred on the latest developments of the concept. For KELLER at Troisvierges, who particularly made their name with most exclusive conservatories, mainly with the Orangerie Elegance, the main intend was to increase and strengthen the business partner network in Europe and worldwide. Meanwhile, the concept of the large-scale minimal windows® sliding elements has been constructed under license contract in the Middle East and India. The BAU trade fair in Munich is the ideal platform to socialize with potential new partners and to get a strong brand KELLER minimal windows® positioned within the global competition.

The minimal windows fix and sliding frames were developed in-house at Keller, and are characterised by almost frameless transparency. The entire concept can also be used as an integral component of a home conservatory. Large-scale insulated glass elements and slim profiles are completely on trend in contemporary architecture. The concept embodies the highest level of cosiness and comfort and offers long-term and systematic security based on functional and aesthetic innovation.

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